Get Ready: important issues for investors coming up in 2022 – Webinar

NN Investment Partners

1 minute de lecture

02 - 02 nov 2021


What are the main macroeconomic themes for 2022 and beyond?

Valentijn van Nieuwenhuijzen, Chief Investment Officer

•    Discover the main macroeconomic themes for 2022 and beyond.
•    What will be the driving factors for markets?
•    How will anticipated geopolitical changes and inflation make a difference?
•    Looking forward, what does this mean for asset allocation and investment opportunities?

More investors are turning to private debt in the current low interest rate environment. How should they navigate this complex arena? In this interactive round-table you will hear market and client insights from Trevor Castledine, Senior Director bfinance, Ronald Verhagen, Consultant AF Advisers and Dr. Klaus-Michael Menz, Gothaer Asset Management.

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