JHM Finanzmesse

1 minutes de lecture

21 - 22 jan 2020


The fair slogan of FINANZ’20 in Zurich is «Traditional values in a digital world».

On 21 and 22 January 2020, Switzerland’s largest financial fair will be held at StageOne in Zurich Oerlikon. The fair slogan of FINANZ’20 is «Traditional values in a digital world» and the event will be aimed solely at professional investors, such as independent asset managers, private bankers, family offices, pension funds, etc.

A large programme will accompany the financial fair. The topics range from «Modern monetary theory» to «Sustainable investments». As usual, experts from the worlds of business, finance, academia and politics will be present. For example, the influential professor and leading representative of MMT theory, Prof. Stephanie Kelton, and Prof. Tobias Straumann will discuss whether the old economic mantras have become obsolete.

FAIR address

StageOne Event & Convention Hall
Elias-Canetti-Strasse 146
8050 Zurich Oerlikon

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